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Rebecca Adams, Department of Homeland Security
Ronald Atwater, Department of Homeland Security
Thomas R. Berry-Stoelzle, University of Iowa
Alan Bersin, Covington
Alain Bertaud, New York University
Elaine Buckberg, General Motors
Harun Bulut, NCIS--National Crop Insurance Services
Nancy H. Chau, Cornell University
Tony Cheesebrough, Department of Homeland Security
Matt Cochran, Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense (CBTS) Center
Samantha Connelly, Department of Homeland Security
Danny Dagher, Department of Homeland Security
Francois de Soyres, Federal Reserve Board
Paula deWitte, Texas A&M University
Xiaodong Du, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrew Garin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Matthew Grant, Dartmouth College
Maria Grypaiou, Texas A&M University
Morgan L. Hardy, New York University Abu Dhabi
David A. Hennessy, Michigan State University
Terence R. Johnson, University of Virginia
Divya Kirti, International Monetary Fund
Jenny Ligon, Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense (CBTS) Center
Ross Maciejewski, Arizona State University
Philippa Makepeace, Department for International Trade
Heather Manley, Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense (CBTS) Center
Kris Melley, Travelers
Joan Mileski, Texas A&M University
David K A. Mordecai, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU
Priya Mukherjee, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Michael Murray, Insurance Services Offices, Inc.
Jordan Norris, New York University Abu Dhabi and Aarhus BSS
Matthew Pecenco, Brown University
Gregory Pompelli, Texas A&M University
Kathryn Rauhut, The Stimson Center
Adam Rose, University of Southern California
Alberto Salvo, National University of Singapore
Chris Scarmardo, Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense (CBTS) Center
Hilary Shackelford, Department of Homeland Security
Laura Springer, United States Coast Guard
Ricardo Tavares, Google LLC
Ana-Maria Tenekedjieva, Federal Reserve Board
Margaret Triyana, World Bank
Andrew Tucci, University of Southern California
Giovanni Veronese, Bank of Italy
Xiaoyuan Wang, Texas A&M University
Chao Wei, George Washington University
William Wheaton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Katharine Willers, Department of Homeland Security
Yu Zhang, Peking University
Nan Zhu, Pennsylvania State University


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