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Farshid Abdi, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Simona Abis, Columbia University
James J. Angel, Georgetown University
Daniel Aronoff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Markus Baldauf, University of British Columbia
Ayeh Bandeh-Ahmadi
Snehal Banerjee, University of California at San Diego
Robert Battalio, University of Notre Dame
Tyler Beason, Virginia Tech
Hendrik Bessembinder, Arizona State University
Ekkehart Boehmer, Singapore Management University
Aaron Brown, New York University
Svetlana Bryzgalova, London Business School
Sabrina Buti, Paris Dauphine University
Fousseni Chabi-Yo, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Michel Crouhy, NATIXIS Corporate and Investment Bank
Ryan Davies, Babson College
Gregory Duffee, Johns Hopkins University
Thomas Ernst, University of Maryland
Richard Evans, University of Virginia - Darden
Eugene Fama, University of Chicago
Michael J. Fleming, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Martin Fridson, Fridson Investment Advisors
Hengshun Ge, Beihang University
Thomas Gehrig, University of Vienna
Thomas J. Gilbert, University of Washington
Raife Giovinazzo, Fuller & Thaler Asset Management
Michael Goldstein, Babson College
Kathleen Weiss Hanley, Lehigh University
Jeffrey H. Harris, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Hans G. Heidle, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Laurie Hodrick, Columbia University
Christopher M. Hrdlicka, University of Washington
Xing Huang, Washington University in St. Louis
Pankaj Jain, University of Memphis
Kose John, New York University
Bige Kahraman, University of Oxford
Mark Kamstra, York University
Stephen A. Karolyi, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
William W. Lang, Promontory Financial Group
Hayne Leland, University of California at Berkeley
Anton Lines, Columbia University
Marc Lipson, University of Virginia
Bradford Lynch, University of Pennsylvania
Phil Mackintosh, NASDAQ
Katya Malinova, McMaster University
Stewart Mayhew, Cornerstone Research
Albert Menkveld, VU University Amsterdam
Alexander Michaelides, Imperial College London
Indrajit Mitra, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Claudia Moise, Duke University
Joshua Mollner, Northwestern University
David K A. Mordecai, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU
Dmitriy Muravyev, Michigan State University
Stanislava Nikolova, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Suzie Noh, Stanford University
Shawn O'Donoghue, FINRA
Mark Paddrik, Office of Financial Research
Marios Panayides, University of Cyprus
Paolo Pasquariello, University of Michigan
Steve Poser, NYSE
Matthew Ringgenberg, University of Utah
John Ritter, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Zac Rolnik, Now Publishers
Tavy Ronen, Rutgers University
Alberto G. Rossi, Georgetown University
Asani Sarkar, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Norman Schurhoff, University of Lausanne
Or Shachar, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Maya O. Shaton, Hebrew University
Hersh Shefrin, Santa Clara University
Andriy Shkilko, Wilfrid Laurier University
Erik Sirri, Babson College
Vincent Skiera, University of California at Berkeley
Elvira Sojli, University of New South Wales
Fred Sun, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Andrea Tamoni, Rutgers University
Daniel J. Taylor, University of Pennsylvania
Sheri Tice, Tulane University
Feng X. Xiaobing, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Liyan Yang, University of Toronto
Ming Yang, University College London
Christina Zhu, University of Pennsylvania

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